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Regional Thematic Meetings

SevilletaNatural History Collections and Art & Ecology at the Sevilleta
20-21 December 2011, Sevilleta LTER Field Station, NM
A two day retreat to discuss how to incorporate natural history collections into environmental history courses, geography, ecology, and the Honor’s Program (game development).
Participants: Samuel Truett (UNM History), Szu-Han Ho (UNM Art & Ecology), Jack Loeffler (Lore of the Land, Santa Fe), Joseph Cook (UNM Biology), Scott Collins (UNM Sevilleta LTER), Christopher Holden (UNM Honors Program), Catherine Harris (UNM Landscape Architecture), Maria Lane (UNM Geography)

Cedar KeyAIM-UP! Cedar Key Retreat
May 2-4, 2014, Cedar Key, Florida
A three day retreat to discuss plans for the future of AIM-UP! and Climate Change Education manuscript development.
Participants: Rob Guralnick (University of Colorado), Anna Monfils (Central Michigan University), Eileen Lacey (UC Berkeley), Austin Mast (Florida State University), Libby Ellwood (Florida State University), John McCormack (Occidental College)

FlagstaffAIM-UP! Flagstaff Meeting
August 14-16, 2014, Flagstaff, Arizona
Incorporating natural history collections into indigenous education. We explored ways that specimens might be used in biology courses with an emphasis on place-based lessons. See The Navajo Ant Project. Participants: Ed Galindo (University of Idaho), Melody Basham (Arizona State University), Corey Welch (UC Berkeley), Neil Cobb and Stefan Sommer (Northern Arizona University), Gary Alpert (Harvard), Beverley Maxwell (Northern Arizona University), Melvin Foster (Navajo Technical University), Joseph Cook (University of New Mexico). 

blankAIM-UP! San Jose Meeting
October 4-6, 2014, San Jose, California
Following the Life Discovery – Doing Science Education Conference, sponsored by the Ecological Society, Evolution Society and others, a small AIM-UP! working group met that focused on detailing future AIM-UP! initiatives. Topics included potential themes and angles for a new RCN UBE (small collections, increased pedagogical expertise), status of surveys (to be launched in next month), module development, action plan for climate change education manuscript, potential for co-sponsorship of education workshop at 2015 Florida SPNHC meeting, and potential activities and themes for January 2015 All-Hands meeting at the Sevilleta Field-station in New Mexico. Participants: Eileen Lacey (UC Berkeley), Steffi Ickert-Bond (University of Alaska), Corey Welch (UC Berkeley), Tali Hammond (UC Berkeley), Joe Cook (University of New Mexico), Anna Monfils (Central Michigan), Meg Daly (Ohio State University), Tracy Heath (UC Berkeley), Rob Guralnick (University of Colorado)