Year 4 - Biotic Response to Climate Change


Spring 2014 AIM-UP! Seminar

Museum Collections and Climate Change Biology
University of California, Berkeley, University of New Mexico

This course is offered as a web-enabled seminar with students from UC, Berkeley and UNM. Others are remotely attending the seminar from University of Alaska, Fairbanks and Harvard.

Time: Tue. 10-11:30am, PST starting Jan. 28

Course Description: This seminar will focus on the role of museum natural history collections in documenting and exploring the impact of climate change on natural systems. Guest speakers – including faculty, post-doctoral researchers, and graduate students from UC Berkeley and other schools – will present for one hour each week on climate change-related investigations that have been informed by museum specimens, followed by student-led discussion. This seminar will be live-cast across four campuses (U.C. Berkeley, Harvard, U. Alaska, and U. New Mexico) for a unique format. 


Jan 28 Organizational Meeting Introductions and course synopsis
Feb 4 Charles Marshall
Prof. Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley
Berkeley Initiative in Global Change Biology
Feb 11 Terry Root
Prof. Biology, Stanford University
Feb 18 Sean Maher
Post-doctoral scholar ESPM, UC Berkeley
Feb 25 Jonathon Stillman
Associate Prof. Biology SFSU, Assistant Adjunct Prof. Integrative Biology UC Berkeley
Responses of Marine Crabs to Ocean Acidification and Warming
Mar 4 David Ackerly
Prof. Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley
Mar 11 Rachel Walsh and Tali Hammond
Graduate students in Integrative Biology/MVZ, UC Berkeley
Mar 18 Todd Dawson
Prof. Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley
 Isotope analysis of museum specimens reveals climate and land-use changes
Mar 25*  Jeff Good
Assistant Prof., U Montana
 *UCB spring break
April 1 Ke Bi
Post-doctoral scholar in MVZ, UC Berkeley
April 8 Tony Barnosky,
Prof. Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley
Climate Change and Ecological State Shifts
April 15 Cindy Looy
Assistant Prof. Integrative Biology, UC Berkeley
April 22 Individual Campus Work Student projects
April 29 Individual Campus Work Student projects