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Island Biogeography Module

This module guides students through tests of two fundamental rules of island biogeography using specimens collected from the Alexander Archipelago in Southeastern Alaska. The module was designed for use in the Ecology and Evolution (BIOL 203) course at the University of New Mexico. Instructors may find it useful to also use the How to Read a Scientific Paper module in conjunction with the Island Biogeography module.

There are three attachments at the bottom of this page. The Educational Module - Islands as Tools for Teaching Ecology and Evolution (2012) document contains all of the instructions required to complete the activity. The Data document is an Excel file that contains the data necessary for the activity. There is also a presentation that instructors can use to introduce the topics covered in the module. The Module Feedback is feedback to let us know how you used the module and how well it worked for you.


Educational Module - Islands as Tools for Teaching Ecology and Evolution (2012) 

Island Biogeography Presentation